Ahoy all hands an' welcome t' One Metrics celebration o' Talk Like a Pirate Day. Dan "I Needs Ya Gold!" has hoisted th' m'n sails, Ands be runn'n 'salt-blastedly round full o' rum an' Pin "Where's The Grub!" has loaded th' cannons. Peter "Fancy Scallywag!" has issued t' order t' be'n th' pillag'n

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Today "Dead men don't bite." we be celebrat'n International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Th' pirate ships in th' banner travel at a random speed, fire a random number o' cannons balls so ye ne'er know which (if either) will win th' fight.

Th' "Parrot Strangling Slops Barrel!" code we wrote t' do this be below. Ye be free "For Mates!" t' do as ye wish wi' it howe'er it comes wi' no warranty an' no support. Unfortunately we can't release th' images as they be owned by others. Th' code be far from unseaworthily perfect an' could do wi' both a clean aloft an' some optimisation.

Special "Three Sheets To The Wind!" thanks t' translate-pirate.com fer provid'n th' English t' Pirate translation fer th' One Metric site

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