One Metric IT Support Newcastle

One Metric is your one stop shop for  IT support and all customised IT solutions. We understand that all businesses have their own set of unique IT related problems and are able to design and support solutions that suit you.

One Metric is a system integrator that provides a large variety of solutions for small, medium, and large businesses including small offices/home offices and national companies covering a number of different states. We provide businesses with reliable, prompt, and professional IT service solutions using the latest in secure and effective technologies.

We provide a broad range of solutions that will fit the IT needs of your business.

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 Backup Solutions

Disaster can strike at any time, We help Newcastle businesses with their disaster recovery plans.

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 Cloud Computing

We can help your business save time and money with a wide range of Cloud based solutions.

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 IT Support Newcastle

Our Newcastle based team is able to help you with all your IT support needs.

 Managed IT Support

Save money with our Managed IT Support Solutions.

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 Network Monitoring

Have your network looked after 24/7 with our network monitoring.

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 Network Security

Network Security is paramount these days. We help all size business manage their data and keep it secure.

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 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We connect employees with their data from anywhere in the world.

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Better utilise your resources and save money in the process with virtualisation.

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We help business transition their traditional PBX to smarter onsite and hosted PBX solutions.


At One Metric, our professionals work alongside our customers and assist in addressing the problems and then creating customised solutions based directly on the needs of the business. We do not just look at short term fixes, but at One Metric we pride ourselves on specialising in developing customised solutions that will work for your business not just now, but also in the future.

Why should your business struggle with outdated business applications that are no longer relevant and do not satisfy the personal needs of your business? The IT specialists at One Metric are currently ready to assist your business in establishing or updating your IT infrastructure. Our professional staff works with you to identify all opportunities to modernise your IT infrastructure and satisfy all the needs of your company in today’s demanding business world. We can help your business capitalise on your IT potential by creating richer and newer value added data insights, customised user interfaces, and business processes.