Locating just the right technologies for your business, whether large or small, should not be a frustrating, daunting task. You have so many things you need to think about, namely running your business, and this is just added pressure. And with the scope of technology continuing to grow, you may not be a professional expert in all IT software and hardware products.

This is why you should utilise our professional IT services at One Metric. We have the IT services necessary to aid in growing markets, tackling challenges, planning for the future, and increasing your overall competitive advantage. At One Metric, we provide our clients with a long list of IT services and solutions. It is our goal to provide the necessary services required to keep you right at the forefront of all technological advances. Listed below are just some of our services!


Disaster can strike at any time, We help Newcastle businesses with their disaster recovery plans

Cloud Computing

We can help your business save time and money with a wide range of Cloud based solutions

IT Support Newcastle

Our Newcastle based team is able to help you with all your IT support needs

Service Agents


Managed IT Support

Save money with our Managed IT Support Solutions

Network Monitoring

Have your network looked after 24/7 with our network monitoring

Network Security

Network Security is paramount these days. We help all size business manage their data and keep it secure.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We connect employees with their data from anywhere in the world


Better utilise your resources and save money in the process with virtualisation


We help business transition their traditional PBX to smarter onsite and hosted PBX solutions