When it comes to business data, disaster can strike your business at any time. The primary concern is just how quickly and efficiently your business can start running all critical business functions again. Your business’ backup strategy will define the speed at which this occurs. If you have a poorly designed strategy, your business could face days of possible downtime, not to mention lost data. However, a properly designed strategy will ensure your business is back up in mere minutes and no information is lost, therefore dodging a potentially catastrophic situation.

The team at One Metric knows how vital business data is and ensuring its safety. It is our top priority to provide you with a safe data backup solution. Our staff is readily able to design, implement and manage a number of backup solutions, including both onsite and offsite.

When doing backup onsite, we can either do it to tape or do disk.

  • To Tape – Take backup is the capability to copy all the business data contents from its normal storage device to the tape cartridge device. In the event of comparable failure of a hard disk crash, the business data is not lost.
  • To Disk – Also known as disk-to-disk provides businesses with the opportunity to automate all daily backups onto a disk so that fast restores may be implemented when necessary. It is very easy to use and an extremely reliable way of backing up information just in case recovery is required.


Offsite, we provide your business with a product to backup all your important data to a safe and secure datacenter. Our offsite backup strategies include:

  • Email Backup – All offsite backups are Microsoft Exchange Aware, meaning it can backup all emails to the individual email, restoring entire mailboxes and individual emails
  • Database Backup – Supported by Microsoft SQL, it just takes one step to restore all database information
  • SharePoint Backup – Provides site-collection level backups
  • Active Directory and System State Backup – Ensures if there is a large disaster that the system will be restored to its state before the disaster and all network credentials are restored
  • Bare Metal Restoration – If the server becomes unrecoverable, One Metric is able to restore the business service to a cloud while the new hardware is ordered; once ordered, we are able to take all information and store it on the new server hardware
  • Managed Backups – Our staff actively monitors all your backups to guarantee they are currently running efficiently and if there are issues, they are immediately dealt with

At One Metric, our solutions are uniquely designed to fit your business needs when it comes to restoring data quickly in the event of an emergency situation.

At One Metric, your backups are monitored to guarantee quick resolution of all backup-related issues. The business data is completely stored on our Steel River Datacenter. We provide 24 hour security and network monitoring, backup generators guaranteeing no stopping in operation if power is lost, and the servers are connected to a variety of carriers thereby guaranteeing complete access to all backup data if there is a carrier failure.

We assist in meeting any and all regulatory requirements your business may face.