Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support

Managing your business’ IT sector can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, not to mention increasingly frustrating. Issues always seem to arise with little to no warning and end up costing your business an arm and a leg to fix. Sometimes you think about hiring an IT staff to monitor all IT, but it really is not in your budget to hire an in-house IT staff. There is where we, at One Metric, come in. Our managed IT support aims to provide a business with assistance when it comes to all their IT needs. Our support packs provide businesses with a much lower cost.

Our managed IT support provides small and medium sized businesses with the benefits of having an in-house IT department without all that overhead. If our team detects a problem within your network, we take the immediate steps necessary to resolve the problem remotely. If we are unable to do that, we will contact you to set up a priority visit so we can resolve the issue from inside your business. If we are able to remotely solve the issue, we will send you notification of the problem and the steps we took to resolve it.

Our managed IT support works through the purchasing of support packs. Every support pack has a predetermined number of hours. Our support packs offer businesses up to a 40 percent discount on our usual hourly rates. All support packs are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. If there are hours that remain unused after the 12 month period it up, they can be rolled over if your business opts to purchase an additional support pack from our managed IT support services. If you find that you need more hours in a given month, then it is really quite simple to purchase another support pack.

Our dedicated team of professionals at One Metric recommends creating a routine IT maintenance plan. It allows you to allocate a number of hours in your support pack to use for routine maintenance checks

What you get with your managed IT support pack includes:

  • 24 hour basic server monitoring – when issues are detected, our staff gets right on it to resolve it
  • 24 hour proactive response – if a fault in your IT system is detected, we take a proactive stance at resolving the issue and providing regular updates to what has occurred and how we are fixing it
  • Priority support – we put your business needs in front of those customers who do not have a support plan with One Metric


One Metric’s managed IT support is customised to fit the individualised needs of your business. All business IT needs are different and we cater to that ideal. Furthermore, no matter how many IT issues arise in a given month, you will still pay the same price.