Katrina McCarron - Building Designers Association of Australia


We cannot thank the team at One Metric enough for the wonderful service they provide our business and strongly recommend them to anybody for their business or personal IT needs.

Pin from One Metric looks after all of our business’ IT needs for our head office, which is located in Mayfield West.  He assists us either remotely or coming into the office, whatever is required, even if it involves out of hours help!

Pin is always punctual, keeps us up to date with any ongoing issues/upgrades and always interacts with us in an extremely professional manner.  He has never made us feel that we are asking a silly question and always provides excellent instructions.

He sets up all of our new computers, emails, internet security, restoring data, backups, printers, etc and troubleshooting along the way.  He has also provided us with a new network server which is perfect for our needs.

One Metric are also excellent value for money and have saved us considerable costs in attending to our IT problems, instead of us trying to fix ourselves and then needing a professional fix what we have done, we now just phone Pin and know that he will have us back up and running in no time!